A natural solution for skin protection and damage including abrasions, chaffing, spots, rashes and burns 

A plant based, low chemical impact aid for better sleep, anxiety management and pain reduction

Train harder and keep going longer with vital skin maintenance and effective muscle repair

We believe CBPLUS products are truly effective. They will help the vast majority of users but not all. So we are happy to refund your purchase costs if they don’t work for you.

CBPLUS is best in class – pure, certified and carefully designed. We believe CBD oil should be affordable and available to benefit everyone, so we price our oil as low as possible

Every item of CBPLUS sold generates a donation to one of our partner charities who help people boost their mental wellbeing through sport and physical activity.


CBPLUS is for active people who want to improve their performance, mitigate damage and extend their active lifestyles

"Everyone should be able to benefit from CBD"

We’ve made CBDPLUS very affordable so everybody can benefit from the exceptional qualities of CBD but we haven’t compromised on quality.

The CBPLUS range offers high quality sustainable formulations endorsed by trusted professionals.


CBPLUS SOS is a highly effective skin rescue cream, naturally healing – anti-septic, antibacterial and anti-fungal
Apply SOS everyday to your vulnerable areas such as knees and elbows to protect from damage and infection
Naturally antiseptic and moistursing, use on scratches, abrasions, chaffing, spots and burns. SOS is also a great aftershave balm and an everyday solution for rosacia, exczema and rashes.


CBPLUS OIL is a bioactive sublingual tincture containing 1500mg of CBD isolate in an organic hemp seed oil base. We also add vitamin E as a natural preservative.
CBD is a low chemical impact solution for many people with no recorded side effects or overdose. Millions of people all over the world take CBD everyday and experience really positive results.
Start with 2 drops under the tongue for a minute, twice a day for a week – low doses often work

"It's not ok, not to be ok"

Everyone should try CBD solutions as it’s not OK to tolerate a compromised life – or worse.

We believe fitness and mental wellbeing go hand in hand so we are committed to help people through sport and physical activity.

We give a portion of our sales to charity, free CBPLUS products to people who need help and have a special relationship with Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness.

"Just try it - it might help - or your money back"

We genuinely believe in the power of CBD and have created a range of products that can deliver the benefits effectively.

If CBPLUS products do not help, we will return all purchase costs, or with the buyers permission, donate the costs to charity. 


CBPLUS MASSAGE is a re-generating and nourishing oil for dry, sensitive skin and damaged tissue.
Apply MASSAGE to your skin before activity to keep it supple, elastic and less prone to damage.
Massage deeply into your muscles post exercise to prevent muscle soreness, repair tissue damage and get you back in to action sooner


Whether you are an elite athlete, an amateur sportsman or a keen gardener - young or old. CBPLUS can help you protect your body and prevent damage limiting your ability.



CBPLUS products are inspired formulas powered by the extraordinary, natural properties of CBD. We have designed them to help you live the active life you want.



CBPLUS is a high quality range of CBD enhanced products. They are UK, EU & US approved and created, tested, certified and manufactured in our own laboratories in England.



The CBPLUS range is designed to allow your body to repair and recover from all the punishment of an active lifestyle - with the extra boost of CBD's special properties.