Union Flag, United Kingdom

CBPLUS, Proud to be British

CBPLUS is an English company that designs, formulates and manufactures all its products in the UK.

We are committed to creating the highest quality CBD powered, food supplements and skincare products. 


A team of experts

CBPLUS is designed by fully qualified UK professionals to offer a range of products that meet your everyday needs, from body wash, sun protection and skin rescue to  hand protection, CBD Oil and deep massage oil.


Inspired formulations

PLUS has been created in our own UK laboratories to maximise the benefits of CBD in combination with the best ingredients to create a range that fulfils your everyday lifestyle and also you active and elite performance needs.


Made in England

CBPLUS is made in the UK in our own manufacturing plant from premium quality, medical grade GB certified, EU approved ingredients that are not tested on animals. All ingredients have full traceability and all products have fully recyclable packaging.


Full compliance

All CBPLUS formulations are 100% legal and contain nil – zero – THC. We have full supply chain traceability and independent analysis of all our ingredients. We are also fully compliant with all relevant UK, EU and US standards and regulations.


We’ve been working on CBPLUS for a surprisingly long time to bring you a pure, safe and trustworthy range of products. We genuinely believe CBD can offer a low environmental and chemical impact solution to many common problems afflicting huge numbers of people.

CBPLUS is a range of high quality products, containing isolated medical grade CBD. They are not medication or therapy nor alternative medical treatments but an opportunity to naturally maintain and enhance an active lifestyle and protect physical and mental health. Together, our mission is to make the UK a fitter, happier and pain and anxiety free country – powered by CBD