Wish for more – not less

Everything on social media in January is about setting goals, giving things up or becoming a new you by omission – less alcohol, less fat, less gluten, less yeast -…

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Sweatit conquer Everest

This blog post is all about two amazing guys and a crazy idea that would both be an immense physical challenge, whilst providing an opportunity to raise money for charity.…

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Dan Gillespie – Personal Trainer

CBPLUS works with personal trainers, gyms, sporting communities & retailers.  We love to get to know our community and make sure our joint values are aligned - this is super…

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Saddle sore – no more

For any cyclist spending time in the saddle, a love for their two wheels will be one of their primary thoughts when thinking about the sport. That and the freedom…

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What Yoga Taught me about Boxing

I fell in love with boxing in my late 20s. I was hooked the first time I tried it. Although I’d always been quite active, my fitness levels went through…

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Partner Focus: James Swan

This week we’re talking to friend of CBPLUS, James Swann. James is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Youth Coach. We caught…

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Sunscreen in October? Your skin will thank you

It might be hard to believe that sunscreen is important outside of summer – especially in the depths of winter when the days are short and long sunny days seem a distant memory!

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CBD for Athletes

Although CBD is most often talked about in relation to sleep and anxiety, more and more athletes are starting to understand its benefits for performance, recovery and repair.

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